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1. Who provides Microsoft Dynamics365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is provided by Microsoft.

2. What does Microsoft Dynamics365 offer me in terms of functionality?

Microsoft Dynamics365 provides you with the basic CRM functionality around Marketing, Sales and Service. Additionally all the mechanisms to ensure access to the information: security, users, teams, business units. The platform is accessible in any device including iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, and basically any other device. You can manage your customers and all the interactions you have with them.

3. Why do I need Microsoft Dynamics365?

Because our developments benefit from all the data structure and basic functionality. Therefore you also have the guarantee that a powerful software house is making sure you always have the best available technology.

4. Do I need to license Microsoft Dynamics365?

Yes. You need to license your users. Their type varies depending on their role in the company, so you better discuss it with us before you commit to licenses.


5. Can CRM4LSP be integrated for instance with my operational system?

CRM4LSP uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and therefore can be integrated with virtually any system. However note that integrating two systems requires knowing the data structure ​on both ends and most likely develop some code on both ends as well. That said you better discuss integration with us or your CRM4LSP partner if one was used. Sometimes information needs to be synched in both systems for the integration to flow correctly.

6. What about if I just want that my operational staff receives emails with information?

Within CRM4LSP you can autonomously set up triggers that perform tasks such as sending an email to someone whenever a particular event occurs. You don't even need us to do that. Say you want to inform your operational staff when a quote is won in CRM4LSP. You just need to create a workflow that send the email when the status of the quote changes to Won. That easy.

7. Is CRM4LSP integrated with MS Outlook?

Yes. All email conversations can be stored automatically in a particular Customer's relationship history. The same with appointments you schedule in Outlook, or tasks or any other Outlook item.


8. Is CRM4LSP able to manage complex tariff schemes?

CRM4LSP is designed to do just that. ​We know that maritime companies send out complex tariffs that deal with multiple origins and destinations, types of containers, and commodity type. We know that transport companies use double entry tables with distances and weights and combine these with geographical divisions in zones, postal codes, etc. So all the mechanisms to build these tariff schemes are there to help you.

9. And can I import excel files?

Yes you can. Just use the templates we provide and your tariffs will go into the system and become immediately available for everyone.​

10. How do I see which tariff I can use in a quote?

We have built a powerful search engine whereby you provide the information you know at that moment. Dates, origins and destinations, commodity, type of transport, type of container. The more you know, the better your results are. We have also provided a functionality we called "Benchmark" that allows you to check for better alternatives within your database for a given service in a quote.

11. Can I generate the quote directly form CRM4LSP ?

Yes. You can also send it immediately by email.


12. Do you only offer a Cloud solution?

No. We run both in the Cloud as on Onpremise installations.

13. And what do you suggest in my case?


We always prefer Cloud solutions. We don't want you to feel that your case is special. Cloud is always a best option. But you are free to choose and we respect that. 

14. Who provides the cloud service?

Microsoft does. In one of the datacenters distributed worldwide, and depending on your geographical location.

15. Is all the functionality available on the Onpremise solution ?

Yes. All CRM4LSP functionality is available both online and onpremise. But beware that that is not the case for Dynamics365. Some great functionality in Dynamics365 is only available online so you might be losing something in the overall solution. And the functionality being released by Microsoft will always hit the cloud first.


16. Is CRM4LSP offered in my local language?

CRM4LSP is provided in your local language. If it happens that you are the first Customer that will use a particular language, it may take us 1 day more to get it all translated.

17. If I need support in my local area?

We do have partners that implement and serve Customers worldwide. We cannot guarantee we have one at your location, but will do our best to find a suitable one, if we don't . 

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